The moon and change

Gordana Kaljalović & Đorđe Odanović
October 20th - 29th, 2008 > opening at 19h

„The Moon and change“ is a mutual project of Gordana Kaljalović and Đorđe Odanović. The project deals with the Moon and change, searching for the subtle forms of Moon activity as the starting point for visual transposition. Permanent change, which is the basic principle of the living and life cycles is a major idea permeating this work. The work consists of several units – a group of works which constitute separate entities, yet insubstantial relation. Inconstant Moon, diptych, digital print on metal plates. On the left side of the diptych is a seascape, ranging from the realistic to the ominous and the metaphysically atmospheric. The deep darkness of the night sky and sea symbolize the dark wilderness and unpredictability of nature in general. On the right side of the diptych, the night sky and sea escape are treated freely. Free forms suggest movement and transformation.
Definite shapes blend and undefined features emanate.

Change is a video work about micro-changes upon water-washed sand as well as Shimmering reflection. Repetition is one of the principles of time flow is the basis of this work. Microscopic changes reflect differences on a large scale.

Sculptures represent Moon samples and fragments from the Moon Atlas, metaphorically symbolizing light and beauty in dark emptiness. The wave diagram represents the rhythm of waves inscribed on a sand surface in the form of linear traces, making a kind of diagram.

Gordana Kaljalović Đorđe Odanović

EXHIBITION: The moon and change
AUTHORS: Gordana Kaljalović & Đorđe Odanović
October 20th – 29th, 2008
Opening: Monday/October 20th/19h/O3one