October 12th, 2008 > starting at 15h

Berlin’s Tuned City festival, conceived as “a speculation between sound and space”, realized its first edition in July 2008, over a series of conferences, installations, workshops and concert on the theme of new evaluation of architectonic space from the perspective of acoustics, through establishing a dialogue between the discourses of sound art, architecture and urban planning. The festival was structurally split into symposiums and site-specific installations. For each of the five daily topics of the symposium a selected architectural location or space has been used (between unused and acoustically “impossible”, semi-public urban spaces, indoor, outdoor, wastelands and more cultivated locations) to show examples “on the spot”. The main installation Sirens – an evolution from water, through water, to water featured, among others, Chris Watson, Max Neuhaus and Mark Bain, while their solo works were presented by Thomas Ankersmith, Akio Suzuki, AGF, Brandon LaBelle, Nik Hummer (Thilges (3)), Chris Watson & BJNilsen, Staalplaat Soundsystem + Lola Soundscape Architects…

Among the most interesting academic themes are Acoustic Weapons (Dr. Jürgen Altman), From the eardrum to the heart: how noise, sounds, and music are processed in the brain Dr. Stefan Kölsch), The eye, the ear and the big city (Prof. Susanne Hauser)… The director and chief curator of the festival are Carsten Stabenow (a member of Staalplaat Soundsytema) who has a long experience with organizing the media art festival Garage, from 1997 to 2005. The same organization (created with Gesine Pagels) functions as a platform for contemporary arts and culture, with a focus on productional support, help in artistic developments and alternative forms of presentation, develops to spread to different locations and contexts, with the idea of creating strong networks (Mutek Montréal, Public Netbase Wien, Kunstradio Wien, Büro Copernicus, Time’s Up Linz, European Media Art Festival EMAF Osnabrück, Transmediale and club Transmediale Berlin, Mikro.org Berlin, The International Short Film Festival Interfilm Berlin, Singuhr Hörgalerie Berlin, Tesla Berlin), which was an important aspect of developing the festival.