ACT Responsible – The Expo That Changes You From Inside

November 25th - 29th, 2008 > opening at 19h

The exhibition focuses on the best recent social and environmental advertising created around the world and shows how advertising professionals use their core talent — creativity — to play a significant role in addressing today’s crucial world issues. Thanks to Carlsberg Srbija, the sponsor of the event, the exhibition will be open to professionals and the general public from November 25th till 29th at O3ONE art space, Andricev Venac no. 12, Belgrade.

The ads featured, in majority new to the public, were produced for NGOs and public institutions, as well as for companies committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The exhibitions awaken the general public and professionals on the complexity and vast issues of Sustainable Development, making it accessible to all and giving keys to start acting and adopting behaviors in respect of future generations.

At a time where all over the world “Green Ads” draw attention but raise doubts according to recent surveys, it is important to highlight what Al Gore said a year ago “the advertising industry could play an influential role in encouraging business and consumers to change their ways and slow down the process of global warming”. The Advertising industry is quicker than most to pick up on changing consumer tastes and moods.

“Communication has a huge awakening power and it is up to us to use this tool responsibly. Responsible communications allow NGOs and companies, social partners and politicians, consumers and producers, to express and promote values we all share. In this spirit, the mission of ACT Responsible is to constantly gather the best recent examples of socially responsible advertising. ACT Responsible helps share the work, foster learning from each other, identify differences and disseminate best practices” – says Hervé de Clerck, founder of the ACT Responsible.

“The communications industry has a responsibility to engage with the communities in which it works to help create a sustainable future for our kids. We have the power of ideas and we should exercise that power for the greater good of humanity” – says Indra Abidin, Chairman and IAA World President.

Examples of campaigns from the exhibition…

• Contrapunto (Spain) for WWF
“By 2050, indiscriminate fishing will have taken away 90% of marine species.”

• TBWAPARIS (France) for Amnesty International
“300 000 child soldiers dream of simply being children.”

About ACT Responsible:

ACT Responsible is a non-profit initiative pioneered in 2001 by employees. Its goal is to federate, promote and inspire responsible communication on sustainability, equitable development, and social responsibility. ACT Responsible brings together industry key players, keen to share their commitment to responsibility, building a network and facilitating the sharing of good practices. ACT Responsible shows how advertising professionals from all continents use their core talent – creativity – to play a significant role in addressing today’s crucial world issues.

ACT Responsible | THE EXPO Showcasing images ranging from environmental to social issues, the ACT Responsible Expo illustrates the main themes of sustainable development, giving the general public comprehensive access to these issues.

ACT World Tour: Each year the exhibition travels around the – Cannes Lions Festival, Advertising Weeks in New York, Paris, Athens, the World Economic Forum in Davos, IAA Congresses in Beijing, Dubai, Amman, Bucharest, Vienna, and various events in Seattle, London, Milan, Valencia, Brussels, Portoroz, Warsaw, Seoul, Santiago de Chile, Porto Alegre. Brussels, Warsaw, Bucharest, Vienna, Amman, Koweit City, Karachi, Sao Paolo.
“One Minute of Responsibility” on Euronews: Production of a TV program featuring examples of best practices for creating NGO campaigns. The program, called “One Minute of Responsibility” sponsored by the IAA, aired on Euronews, is currently available to international or local broadcasters.

The IAA Serbian Chapter thanks Carlsberg Serbia for their support for this event.

ACT Responsible is a non-profit initiative of sponsored by Microsoft & Euronews.
Supported by McCann WorldGroup, Draftfcb, Omnicom Group, DDB, and JWT.

ACT Responsible thanks its ACT’ive Partners, involved in events organizations and the communication: IAA (International Advertising Association), EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies), AACC (French Association of Communications Agencies) TBWACORPORATE, Groupe Novembre, Bitter Almonds, Ayrine Creative Concept Office, News broke PR et Ogilvy PR. International Free card Alliance, Getty images, United Nations Environment Programme, World Federation of Advertisers, Alternative Channel.

Social and Environmental Advertising Showcased at the IAA The Serbian Chapter of the IAA welcomes a selection of the ACT Expo. ACT Responsible | The Expo That Changes You From Inside.