Monographic publication

Zenit 1921-1926
November 11th, 2008 > starting at 19h

AICA – International Association of Art Critics – the Serbian Section invites You to a talk related to the monographic publication titled Zenit 1921-1926 authored by Vidosava Golubović, and Irina Subotić, and the facsimile edition of all the issues of the avant-garde magazine Zenit. Participants in the talk: Radonja Leposavić, Nebojša Milenković, and Stevan Vuković.

Moderator: Zoran Erić.

AICA Serbia in its new programmatic conception initiates a series of talks on the role of art critics and art historians in the process of recognizing, articulating and critically interpreting those locally initiated art-related phenomena which have, in their own time, actively corresponded with the global art movements. The capital study on the Zenit magazine, authored by Vidosava Golubović and Irina Subotić made the motive for the first talk, which will be focusing on the Zenit magazine, as the artistic phenomenon which made the turning point in it’s own historical epoch, as well as on it’s later historicization and institutional reception in Serbia.

The avant-garde artist Ljubomir Micić started this periodical on February 1921 in Zagreb. Three years later, the redaction of Zenit was moved to Belgrade, where it continued working until December 1926, when the last, 43rd and suppressed number of the periodical was published. Zenit, like all avant-garde magazines of the period, rejected the “existing structures of national cultures and their myths”, pleading for new forms and new art, and therefore for a new type of Europeanism, which Micić saw in the international circle of the European avant-garde.

The phototype edition and the monograph are placed in a box set with a reproduction of the stylized photograph of Ljubomir Micić and Boško Tokin from 1921, the year the magazine Zenit was started.

Graphic design of the complete edition of Zenit 1921-1926: Jovan Čekić (KoanStudio).