Golden recognition for the O3ONE-s outdoor campaign

Association of the trade propagandist of Serbia awarded O3ONE with “Golden recognition”  for an unprofitable outdoor campaign.

The O3ONE campaign presented a series of billboards with old national maxims and mazes that, together with the modern design, attracted the attention of the citizens of Serbia, leaving them the possibility to understand them in different ways.

The campaign was realized in 2007 and 2008 by the Orange studio team, upon the O3ONE-s initiative, together with Alma Quattro and DPC. Our citizens can see these billboards not only on the streets of Belgrade but Serbia wide. Lead by the idea that the billboards that we see on the streets don’t always have to have a material benefit, we wanted to give a new dimension to the billboards. O3one billboards have the mission to make our town prettier, to cherish humor, to make you smile, but most of all to motivate the observers to think back on our national pearls of wisdom and to find an easier solution to many riddles by looking at them from a different perspective.