Practice makes perfect, Epson and ReFoto photo-competition

December 10th, 2008 > opening at 20h

Prize-winning photo-competition „Practice makes perfect” this year organized by Epson and  „ReFoto” magazine with the help of BS Procesor, will present the works of its readers on the subjects of sport, winter, music, animals, macro, underwater, fashion, stock, and calendar photography. At the opening night on the 10th of December at 20h, twelve best authors will be awarded Epson printers, which shall be given to them by Renato Vincenti a representative of „Epson – Italy”.

The exhibition will show around thirty works sent by the readers of the „ReFoto” magazine for the competition all through the year 2008. All exhibited works have been printed on Epson LFP printer according to  „Digigraphie” standard-which shall be talked about more on the second day of the exhibition.