Tatjana Milošević
January 12th - 26th, 2009 > opening at 19h

“In Tatiana’s art, there is an impression of drawing/contour and figure dominance that set us in a world of cartoons. At first sight, her motives are looking like they are from the children’s bedtime stories, with the notions of little girls, toys, puppies, teddy bears, butterflies, squirrels…Soon, we realize that there is about the cruel and impudent world of adults where the continuously destructed and betrayed illusions are reflected in fatigue, tears, tied extremities. Hearts, strawberries, cherries are interlaced with a threatening and “wicked” pets turned in their opposites. Through the striking caricatures, expressively, by the sweet-painful principle, Tatjana Milošević introduces us to the world of real certainty that is everything but the rose-colored and innocent“. Ivona Rajačić Barandovski