Art exhibition: Milena Stojanović
February 22nd - 24th, 2009

Sport is an art to the same degree as art is a sport. The manner of expression, encouragement to one’s self and the others, the tale of a moment or a thought that strives to immortalize, not to forget. Art, as same as a sport, finds its ways in the Olympic family throughout its history. With good faith, both art and sport can learn from each other… At the initiative of the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Committee of Serbia organized an art competition entitled “Sport and art”. In the painting category, “Play”, work of the university-trained painter Milena Stojanović stood out amongst the numerous entries realized in different techniques and styles.

Stojanović’s acrylic on canvas immortalized the movement of a player who plays her sport, her game. Very much like the masters of the first half of the 20th century, though located in Belgrade’s O3ONE, “Play”, alongside other works form the rich body of work of young Milena Stojanović, invokes nostalgia for freedom inherent to artists and athletes.

The exhibition is realized as one in the series of events marking the 99 years of the Olympic Committee of Serbia entitled „Nearing the 100th / Let’s celebrate its Olympic-style” in cooperation with O3ONE from the 22nd till 24th of February 2009.

The same gallery will house the artwork of the school-children who took part in the sports and art workshops of the „Olympic room”, a project reaching the third year of its affirmation in Serbia.