Februar 9th - 21st, 2009

The main subject of the project whose authors are these acclaimed artists from Novi Sad is the interaction between CAPITAL and ART. Using a multimedia approach and referring to the work by Jozef Beuys “Kunst ist Kapital”, they are researching the boundaries and space where Art and Capital interact. Dynamics of the cultural framework within which the process takes place makes it an interesting time and again and draws the attention of artists and the public they are addressing. Conditioned for many centuries by Capital on one hand and being able to retain the minimum of autonomy on the other, Art is paradoxically layered especially as shown through the works of established artists such as Marina Abramović which are being quoted by Maja and Predrag. For what was for decades being altered or acknowledged in the world of Art, suddenly and frighteningly is being done in the space of just a few years. Accelerated dynamics of Capital can single out artistic values adequate to conditions according to which market operates, turning Art itself into Capital which is its own goal. A current topic such as this one with the dedication of the MP-art in its development and visualization is undoubtedly going to make this exhibition a very remarkable event.

Text author Saša Pančić

MP_art consists of two artists whose names make an acronym (Maja Budžarov and Predrag Šiđanin). MP_art is focused on joint artistic expression, primarily through physical (performance) and meditative (picture/text/object). They use digital media (video, Internet) as well as traditional media (painting, objects) in the function of their creative ideas. Their ideas are mostly concerning personal introspection, and an uncompromising, analytical relation towards the reality which surrounds them and reflects their work.

Most of their ideas are being realized through several segments of a project and in various settings and environments. Names of their works are always given in codes (codé), which symbolize particular media, the numerical signature of the work, as well as the actual name of the work.

All previous artistic projects, performances, exhibitions, and publications can be seen at, which is a container of the MP_art’s realized projects (even though some of them, such as HOTELS are work in progress).