In the organization of the Museum of Vojvodina and the marketing agency Publicite, Novi Sad was a host of the XIII exhibition of best calendars,  among which  O3ONE & Raiffeisen bank calendar found its deserving place. This art calendar presented 12 artistic works that were exhibited at O3ONE during 2008 and was successful in fulfilling all criteria: artistic concept, diversity of subjects, interesting design, good layout, excellent communication, and for all these reasons was awarded a prize. 

For this XIII exhibition of calendars, professional opinion and judgment was given by the panel of experts including: Miroslav Mušić, theoretician and design critic (president), Laslo Kapitanj, designer, Martin Candir and Dragan Kurucić, photo-designers, Radule Bošković, fine artist, Milka Popović, curator of the Museum of Vojvodina, Dušan Pop Đurđev, poet and Vladimir Čeh, a marketing expert.