Miloš Đorđević
March 23rd - April 4th, 2009

Contemporary practice founded on traditional values. This project represents the idea of the media itself as a form, instead of mean of expression. The pursuit of the autonomy of media achieved through the new evaluation of it. I deem that printmaking can be a legitimate and authentic work of art that can identically repeat itself and which is the characteristic of the media, not the work itself. 
Therefore I generate print liberated from facets, margins, classic signatures, print eventually completely united with the ground which loses the role of the silent print carrier and becomes an active element. The print is not a bare pictorial display anymore. It gets disburdened of the pictorial element to the surface, the plate, which is the print. The starting point of this work was expansion within further developed macro and micro aspects.

Miloš Đorđević (1978) was born in Ćuprija. He graduated from the Academy of Art in Priština and postgraduates on the Faculty of Art in Belgrade. He is a member of ULUS (Union of Fine Artists of Serbia) since 2005. Have had seven solo exhibitions. Participated in over 70 national and international group exhibitions, biennial and triennial (Romania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgie, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Canada). He was rewarded several times.