March 16th - 22nd, 2009

This event at O3ONE is an opportunity for domestic public and media to see one of the preparatory stages of the Project Young Serbian Designers – showing off the prototypes of works that were selected for the presentation in Milan. Project coordinators shall explain the importance and the purpose of the project and the public will have an opportunity to meet the authors and see their work up close. 
Young Serbian Designers (YSD) is the name under which Serbia is presented at a national level at relevant international manifestations in the domain of design. The project of the very first strategic promotion of New Serbian Design at the most important World Furniture Fair in Milan in April 2009, was initiated by the cultural organization Mikser and the Agency for Foreign Investment and the Promotion of Export (SIEPA). Milan Furniture Fair was selected as a perfect location for the showcasing of Serbian design talent because it is considered to be the most visited and the most important international event in the domain of industrial design, furniture design, lighting, and interior decoration design.

The exhibition of Young Serbian Designers presents a logical continuation of the Ghost Project – the annual show of best Serbian industrial design artists – organized by Mikser, which is also an initiator of numerous visits and lectures by renowned experts from the fields of architecture and design such as: Rem Koolhaas, Adrian Forty, Karim Rashid, Richard Plunz, Daniel Liebeskind, Konstantin Grčić.

Serbian Agency for Foreign Investment and Promotion of Exports (SIEPA) recognized the importance of Ghost Project exhibition as the ideal way of promotion of domestic talent and an opportunity to discover highly skilled employees for the domestic and foreign creative industry, and the means for finding a place for Serbia at the international industrial and cultural scene. SIEPA initiated a program of promotion of the domestic creative industry with a special accent on design, architecture, and advertising, three areas which belong to Creative Business Services. One of the main activities undertaken by SIEPA Agency within the framework of the new program of promotion of creative business services is the organization of presentations of domestic designers within the national stands at all relevant international design and advertising fairs, under the name Creative Space Serbia. SIEPA incorporated the YOUNG SERBIAN DESIGNERS project in their program thus becoming a principal partner and sponsor of this year’s presentation of our young industrial designers in Milan.