National hero Petar Petrović

Živko Grozdanić
April 27th – May 9th, 2009

Živko Grozdanić will present a new series of works as part of the exhibition “National hero Petar Petrović”. This works will be regarding the historical contradictions of the national history actors in Yugoslavia and EX-YU (“partisans”, “četnici”, “ustaše”…). The exhibition consists of 36 objects and 3 large sculptures, and the basic motive is the statement of Stjepan Mesić, president of the Republic of Croatia: “No victim from Jasenovac is responsible for any victim at Bleiburg, and part of the victims from Bleiburg was responsible for victims at Jasenovac”. As a “charismatic creator who is autodidactic”, but also as ALLEGORICAL, the author allows himself to convert this political statement into the epistemological sign of art, and conceptual work.  In such an appropriation of Mesić’s lines, now the statement itself, as well as the exhibition in all, and the objects that are part of it are seen as an integral part of the art. Placing a statement or an act inside of the “art world” has its grounds in ontology, and as such, it points to the very source or the very essence of the events during the year 1945.

The cause is authors independent exhibition at Banja Luka (April 2008, Museum of contemporary art of Republic of Serbia), when he tried to address the problem of the function of national heroes monuments in Banja Luka, placed on the city square, that is to compare their function after the devastating war experiences during the ’90s in that part of Bosnia and Hercegovina. The second cause is the beginning of the arguments over the newly discovered crime scenes, crimes of the partisan’s units after the year 1945.

Besides this kind of examples, as the exhibition material, the author also used the comments of individuals found on web sites (BLOG and CROATIANS), that contains all of the necessary elements for “functioning of the art” in the exhibition.

He used precisely this kind of comment to make the exhibition and the works in its dynamic forms, to reveal the contradiction of “historical heritance” in all, which is the task of the art on its own. Connection of the events from 1941, and even further behind, more into the depths of history, with the events after 1945, 1971, up to the late ’90s and today, is full of mythical structures. This exhibition’s task is to make visible that logic of myths generation, and to make “objects, works, plays, lines, statements” at the exhibition, first of all their structural and meaningful connection of different relations of historical appearances readable for the art’s observer, as the basic subject in the art’s hierarchy.

The apparent presence of the art or absence of the art in new works can’t be justified by the lack of time for a more serious analysis of the work that it realizes, which is, by the rule, created few days before the exhibition’s opening. That is always in time jam! The paradox of this praxis is, in the outcome, seen in the potential that the work provokes by disturbing beats of the social field.

ŽIVKO GROZDANIĆ – allegorical

He graduated from the Academy in 1983, Sarajevo. Founder of manifestation of Youth Biennale in Vršac, founder of Košava and Art Context magazines. Political activist of the Democratic party from 1990. From 1984. he organized over 200 exhibitions at the Konkordija gallery. Today he is a director of the Museum of the contemporary art. He is a participant in many groups and problem exhibitions. He placed 30 independent exhibitions.