NONOBJECT Design Fiction / Part II

Branko Lukić
May 26th – June 6th, 2009

During Belgrade design week 2009, O3ONE will host an exhibition of works created by designer Branko Lukić. This exhibition is a continuation of the exhibition which took place in July 2007, titled NONOBJECT, and this time the public will be able to see his latest works, shown for the very first time. 
NONOBJECT is a new approach to thinking and designing objects and experiences. The goal of the project is to establish a platform for the creation of exciting solutions that shall also come to life within the viewer. The idea of the project is a research of future experiences of consumers through design and introduction of a new way of thinking. Through this approach to design and thought, new non-objects were created (presented on photographs/prints and video), all of which are going to be shown at O3ONE. Branko Lukić researches the design of everyday objects such as a spoon, a cell-phone or an electric switch; he encourages viewers to see their essence and stirs their imagination with it.

„Design Fiction” represents an entirely new genre of design theory and practice. Genre which allows us to have a new way of thinking about design and innovation, which connects the space between us and objects, offers answers to questions such as what is an object, why do we want what we want, why functionality is defined in such a narrow way and how to liberate the imagination from constraints of needs, technology, practicality and cost-effectiveness …

His soon to be released book on NONOBJECT, through which Lukić is launching his new genre worldwide called Design Fiction, is researching the power of design when rules do not exist and there are no boundaries. Design fiction, just like literary fiction, opens up one entirely new world of imagination where we contemplate more about objects, about what surrounds us, about people and all uncharted connections between them. The main goal of the exploration of design fiction is a research of the limits of the material world – of products that surround us.

Branko Lukić is the founder of NONOBJECT design, he was a leading designer in two renowned design studios FROG DESIGN and IDEO, where he directed and managed clients such as: Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Intel, Motorola, SAP, HP, Pepsi, Starbucks, Ford, Steelcase, Details, Nestle, and many other international companies. He developed may patent and won numerous national and international awards in domains of design and: Business Week IDEA Gold Award, Graphis Design Annual Award, International Design magazine Awards, red dot Awards, Good Design Award, etc. NONOBJECT team created or helped develop some of the best Serbian brands –  design of bottle for VODA-VODA water, Next (all bottles), Gorki list, Vertikal Vodka (abNormal – the very first bottle without a neck), Or liqueurs, V vodka, etc..