RE _ focus

Könz Molo architetti
June 26th - July 4th, 2009


This fourth Belgrade International Architecture Week, BINA 09 – named with short prefix Re… is dedicated to the crucial problem of relation with the existing urban-architecture environment and its constant REproduction, REconstruction, REvitalisation, REgeneration, REafirmation, REintegration… into the pulsating strands of time.

The exhibition RE_focus, made by Ludovica Molo and Jachen Könz, architects from Switzerland, will be presented within Belgrade International Architecture Week, BINA 09, from June 26th until July 4th, 2009. The exhibition shows the phenomena of the contemporary way of building single houses in suburban areas and their interrelations, through three typological examples. Their architecture aims to fill the interstitial spaces of suburban areas, to create relationships, spaces with dialogue. Searching for a difference, for particularity and the potential of any place, they look for densification, trying to focus on the typical.