‘A Book through Photography’

Photo exhibition:
August 27th - 29th, 2009


Geopoetika publishing house is preparing an exhibition ‘A Book through Photography’ with 20 photographs chosen at the competition for the best photography inspired by Geopoetika’s books that were held in spring 2009. The idea to express the feeling through photography that a certain work or a character has left us with produced amazing feedback. People of all kinds of backgrounds, professions, and ages sent their visions.

Novels from contemporary Japan, popular psychology, myths, Canadian short stories, Cuban memories, Norwegian humor, postmodernist stories from New York, intimate history of the mankind found their visual expression and form through photographs on canvas like papyrus scrolls unrolled once used for writing. An image instead of letters transmits the same feeling, message, gist. In a search for the expression that boldly, literally, clearly, or indirectly expresses the same essence in the most various ways. In gifted hands of laymen, without the technical skills of a professional, this turns into an advantage. The outcome is a pure, spontaneous, unburdened, freshly raw perspective.
What would happen if the creative impulse, as an imminent part of us humans, were activated more often?