September 2nd - 19th, 2009


„A Little Diary III“, an exhibition by Raša Todosijević, will be presented in O3ONE from September 2nd till September 19th. The exhibition of paintings and objects from the author’s journal is an introduction to the project to be realized in October.
…the attitude of Raša Todosijević in the past thirty years is, in many aspects, the most legitimate reaction to an artist’s position in Yugoslavia. Where art gets to be marginalized, where the authorities use the avant-garde to defend their own, supposedly progressive colors along with the other, free peoples, the artist of integrity is left with nothing but to cynically show his fist to the system and those who keep it going. By the late sixties, Todosijević has already met the most progressive world tendencies. In the seventies, he is into performance art – imitating the voice of Hitler’s and performing other, intentionally provocative shows. His goal is still, today even, to dethrone and mine. In a society without financial motivation, where the value of a work of art, no matter how pretty it may be, is close to nothing, an artist can give more freedom to himself than in the West.

The mentality and attitude of this artist best shine through his works Gott Liebt die Serben. He writes it on the holiest symbol of Judaism, a Menorah made of steel. Anti-Semitism, Holocaust, surrealism, it’s all a transparent and funny excuse for a work of art mirroring Dadaism. In the end, the Menorah of Todosijević’s is a distant cousin of Magritte’s Ceci n’est pas une pipe or Mutt’s urinal. As opposed to the avant-garde of the twenties in Paris, the reaction of the Yugoslav people to the hopeless social situation is legitimate, even moving…

Andrew Gibbon Williams, Edinburgh 1990.

Exhibition sponsored by Ministry Of Culture, Republic of Serbia

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Thanks to Police department Stari Grad