Reinhard Doubrawa
September 22th - 30th, 2009

German artist Reinhard Doubrawa who studied at renowned Kasel School of visual arts and specialized in Professor Urs Luthi’s class has created a conceptual exhibition which is going to be presented at O3ONE under the name of «BALKAN DIARY».Reinhard was satisfying his northern curiosity by staying in Serbia. The result and a reflex of his stay here can be seen in this exhibition.

True to his post-modernist manner, by interleaving various narratives, Reinhard is writing a „journal“, devoid of description and narrative. His only goal is to create artistic content by combining various documentary materials. Such a contextual sensibility created and born in a place such as Serbia and in a wider sense, the Balkans is a first-class fact which this artist uses as his strongest feature.

Exhibition of Reinhard Doubrawa is doubtlessly a challenge for the Belgrade audience, and a wonderful occasion to see such highly estimated artist’s perception of this part of the world.

For this exhibition at O3ONE, Reinhard is making a series of works taking into account three different aspects:

I – his background and customs which he brought along with himself to Serbia;

II – what he saw in Serbia under the influence of his usual line of perception;

III – he will add some texts and his comments to the events.

Reinhard Doubrawa will host several groups of his works at O3ONE and each one will consist of three parts – a photograph subjected to a certain intervention, a drawing of one of his fingerprints and a paper stencil with a comment of the photo.

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