October 1st - 4th, 2009, 18h – 22h


The Belgrade Festival of New Communications aims to summarize the latest advances in the world of technology. This Festival presents the familiar forms of art and trading in new and advanced formats. B-link puts the technological innovations in the service of end-users and creativity, thereby making the new media compatible and accessible.

There are several phenomena that B-link has successfully presented during the past for years. B-link establishes the contemporary network of communication and invites its guests to become “a link” in this network.

Supported by MTS, the Festival continuously puts forth the latest trends in technology. It integrates various forms of art and trading with internet social networking. The ultimate goal of this Festival is to merge these elements into a new functional unit and ultimately integrate them into the unique form of modern communications.


This year’s program is comprised of four sections – Music communications (Touch the Link-Create Digital), Advertising communication (Fast Forward), Internet communication (Connect and Interact), and Innovative communication (Digital World). The major theme of the Fourth Annual B-LINK Festival is the current development of communication – VIRTUAL EVOLUTION.

B-Link provides updates in the area of virtual evolution, and by doing so, it is meant to emphasize the importance of the use of the latest tools, methods, and media, in experimental art and trading.

This whole initiative has been inspired by the project called O3ONE in 2006. Aiming to stimulate innovation and experimentation in arts, O3ONE was focused on then-popular aspects of networking. Its program was comprised of music streaming performances, corporate internet use, and design on the network. The major topics covered by the Festival were the issues of trademarks and originality of digital media, the esthetics of web-design, and the regulation of internet laws.

During the past four years, B-Link has become a golden standard for the exchange of knowledge in modern communications. The dynamics of changes in technological settings set up the pace and the contents of the Festival. Almost as in real-time, B-link makes the audience acquainted with the latest forms of interactions with the digital world and predict further directions in the development of communications.

Once again, O3ONE will gather the experts from all these areas at the new B-link Festival. From October 1st – 4th, 2009, from 18:00-22:0oh daily, the familiar form of the Festival will reveal new forms of technological grammar, thereby stimulating its audience to learn the new, and maybe the only existing, Esperanto.