Uroš Đurić
October 22nd – November 4th, 2009

Scorned and forgotten (study on revisionism)
Exhibition RED will showcase the latest works by Uroš Đurić, which, inspired by various documents and archive materials, have as their subject matter the legacy of ideas of the Left and their significance for our country.
Inspired by the event described in a document dating from 1873 whereby the Belgrade Municipal Court clerk, Mijailo Arsenijević, was denounced for publicly expressing his view that „the laws are inhumane and designed to oppress; that clerks are overpaid for the little work they do; that a small number of rich are extremely rich whilst some people work from dusk until dawn yet can’t afford a basic medicine; going on to say how righteous laws do exist in countries like the USA and Switzerland, how people are made equal there, how the time has come for us to tear everything down and make all nationalities the same, etc“. Uroš Đurić deals with the freedom of speech, suppression, intimidation, persecution, and assassinations that happened in the past, he also deals with the positioning of the current elite, declarations, investigations, schooling system, public appearances and everything else that creates a distorted picture about the development of contemporary Serbian society. The author wishes to thank the Historical Archives of Belgrade for their infinite support and special thanks to Mrs. Branka Prpa and the team of collaborators – Jelena Nikolić, Branka Branković, Srđan Orestijević, and Vladimir Mijatović.


Uroš Đurić studied History of Art at the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy. He graduated in 1992 and completed his master’s thesis at Belgrade Fine Arts Academy in 1998. He was a member of the Punk movement in the early eighties (Urban Guerrilla). Together with Stevan Markus, he founded the autonomist movement in 1989 and upon the publishing of the “Autonomist manifesto” in 1994, he became an active member of the Belgrade art scene.  His works were exhibited in Brussels, Ljubljana, Antwerp, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Vienna, Prague, Chicago, Paris…