Fumio Matsui
November 9th - 14th, 2009 > opening at 19h


Fumio Matsui, through exhibition BREATH, deals with the relationship between man and nature and the interaction that people from big cities have with their natural surroundings. The author based this exhibition on the research of the relationship between man and ecosystem with a special accent on tropical forests that are being destroyed with the development of civilization. 

Fumio Matsui was born in Toyama, Japan. 1997 Graduated from Tama Art University.
Lives and works in Tokyo. Has been involved in the planning and production of graphic design and WEB projects focusing on the relationship between people and the ecosystem, and how people living in cities interact with the natural environment. His main achievements include the planning and production of visuals and products for Eco test, a company that conducts environmental testing for water, dioxins and other substances; visualization of the environmental conservation strategy for the Japanese branch of Conservation International, an international environmental NGO; and the planning at the commission of JT International, of the key message advertising for the A.F.F, an exhibition held on the streets of the Republic of Serbia.

Cooperation:International Steering Committee for Global Mapping, Folic Architect, Ted Richards(Eigo-ya), Ai Ohara.