November 23rd - 28th, 2009 > opening at 19h


„JEDNOM OLOVKOM… I put some feeling into the Japanese equivalent of the words, but they say the feeling cannot be conveyed to you by a literal translation. A literal translation from one language to Serbian, English, Swahili or whatever, cannot convey the nuance of the feeling. That is why language is our possession… The feeling which I want to convey here is: First of all, there is a piece of paper in front of me. I will take a pencil in my left hand and draw a line or write a dot on the paper. Something will surely start from this smallest or shortest unit.

The words entail “place”, “time” and even “encounter.” They say “JEDNOM OLOVKOM“ has a beautiful sound. Some subtle nuance or thought might underlie the words. I do want to hear the words in your voice.

And, could you pronounce these Japanese words: “IPPON NO ENPITSU KARA”
How do you hear the sound of the words? The sound of the words of my language fell out of your lips sounds like all first-timers to me. Does it not occur to you that the complete unfamiliar sound shakes your earlobes, disturbs your heart and at last rings our whole bodies like a bell in a cathedral? The smallest or the shortest unit of one drawing is a swinging foresight hanged between the language of my country and that of yours. At the opening of the exhibition on November 23rd, the artist will make a performance lasting 15 minutes, and by creating his new artwork at O3ONE he will attempt to break the language barrier.

O-JUN was born in 1956, Tokyo. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo National University of Arts in 1982, where he works as a professor. He has had about 30 solo exhibitions. His works are in public collections in The National Museum of Art, Osaka and Museum Haus Kasuya, Kanagawa.


The exhibition is organized as part of the Japan Yugo Art Project.

Author: O-JUN
November 23rd — 29th, 2009
Opening and performance: Monday, November 23rd, 19h