Raiffeisen bank drawing competition
December 21st – 26th , 2009 > Opening: Monday, December 21st, 18h

An extraordinary exhibition „Dinosaurs of Argentina – giants of Patagonia“, seen by numerous visitors during the past five months at Belgrade’s Impuls hall,  was the first time that skeletons and fossils of prehistoric dinosaurs which roamed the land of Patagonia in Argentina were brought to our country.
Raiffeisen Bank is the general sponsor of this unusual exhibition featuring more than twenty types of dinosaurs, and over forty exhibits of skeletons or partial skeletons amongst which there are dinosaur eggs, skulls, a nesting place, a replica of their footprints, bones, a reconstruction of the way they lived. This extraordinary exhibition was seen by more than half a million people all over the world and during past months it was visited by tens of thousands of people in Belgrade, the greatest number of them our youngest citizens.

Especially interesting for the youngest visitors was the competition for the best drawing of dinosaurs, organized by the Raiffeisen bank. The competition was closed when the choice often best drawings were made on 30th October 2009.

The panel of judges had a difficult task of choosing the best works amongst almost 5.000 drawings made by the youngest visitors who tried to express their vision of these fascinating prehistoric animals. The panel of judges consisted of Katarina Gaborović, director of the sector for marketing and PR of Raiffeisen Bank; Saša Pančić, a member of Serbian Association of artists and Academie Europeenne des ARTS; Nebojša Babić, art photographer and Nenad Dodić, Art director of the marketing agency McCann Erickson.

Ten winning works will be on display at O3ONE from the 21st until 26th December 2009. It is a great honor for the young artists to have their work on display in the same space where some of our greatest artists had their exhibitions.
Let’s support them together!

Raiffeisen bank a.d. is a member of Raiffeisen International, one of the leading financial groups in Central and Eastern Europe. It commenced its work in Serbia in 2001. Presently, its activities are divided into four sectors: private banking, business banking, funds management, and investment banking. O3ONE is an independent art project initiated in 2004. Its scope of work involves art production in the domain of cultural production and contemporary visual arts. The O3ONE mission is to encourage experimentation in modern art production, to give support to creative potential in Serbia and to facilitate communication and exchange between art centers in the country and abroad.  O3ONE represents a unique communication platform within which artistic content becomes widely accessible, it widens the idea of what art is and can be.