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December 9th – 19th, 2009 > opening at 19h


Guests at the opening / OFF PESNIČENJE / initiative: ŠKART / 20h / O3ONE
Redesign your mind 3 is a continuance of the project dedicated to the affirmation of a sustainable approach in design, and it is the third time to be held in Belgrade. 

Exhibited works at Redesign your mind 3 exhibitions present the possible answers to the needs not presently met by the existing functional solutions; … how certain conventional object’s functions could be improved and reinvented; … how to meet the needs of those not belonging to the majority of point out the real needs; … how to use the new/old materials inefficiency and clever way.

Through their design concepts, twelve invited authors enounce their approach to the production and consumption in contemporary ecological crisis and present their design solutions whether it be produced/recycled manually or industrially, but sustainable in the ecological, and economic sense.

Redesign your mind 3 are:

Gaetano di Gregorio / Venice /,  Sestres / Belgrade /,  Kako Ko / Belgrade /,  Jovana Bogdanović / Milano /,  Zhang Lei / Milano /, Miho / Belgrade /, Tanja Todorović / New York /,  Ana Kraš / Belgrade /, Antipod studio / Belgrade /, Jovan Topalović / Belgrade /, Synthesizer / London /, California Polytechnic University / San Luis Obispo /.

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