Mane Šakić
February 1st - 6th, 2010 > opening at 19h

During the first week of February, O3ONE will present the work of a painter from Belgrade, Mane Šakić, who, after numerous successful exhibitions abroad, is having the first exhibition in Serbia. 

After nine years of living in Madrid, the exhibition in Belgrade is a great challenge for the author. He considers Belgrade’s public to be one of the most demanding and he feels that Belgrade is an environment alienated from its fundamental nature. In this material world, Šakić captures the spirit, the immaterial essence of man, the only thing he possesses. As the author said – for the process of creation of a work of art, the inner being and strength of the artist are what counts, the inspiration will come on its own.

„I try to follow the romantic notion of creation of harmony by making a synthesis of the abstract and the material, local and national of the general and the universal, I am searching for my expression. With the eclectic action, I research and conjoin, almost desperately, something that seems to be impossible to fuse, the figurative, the abstract, the classical and the modern. I challenge the chaos just as a witness of truth and the time I live in.  From the scent of Byzantium to the pop art devoid of aggressive cynicism, I wish to inspire the viewer to see the dilemma in the paradox. Searching for the sense in the chaos, for the creation in destruction I wish to courageously point to the indestructible and the everlasting. In the labyrinth of human delusion, the chaotic ode to the passing in all its shapes, I look for the expression of consciousness, of the sense in any form and any dimension “. Mane Šakić

Biography Mane Šakić
Mane Šakić was born in Belgrade in 1971.  He graduated fine art at the Faculty of Fine Art in Belgrade in 1995, mentored by Professor Momčilo Antonović. He lived and worked in Madrid from 1999 until 2008 when he returned to Belgrade. He had numerous exhibitions abroad; this exhibition at O3ONE will be his very first solo exhibition in Belgrade.