Support of development of electronic data and protection of cultural heritage in digital age

January 15th, 2010 > start at 12h

Support project for the integration of Serbia into the unique information space of Southeast Europe
Organization: Internet development center, January 15th, 2010, at noon, O3ONE.

Internet development center, with support of the Fund for an open society, is realizing a project of support for the integration of Serbia into the information space of Southeast Europe. The goal of this project is to open a discussion about the coordinated implementation of activities from the action plan of the Serbian government for the realization of Agenda for the development of information society in the region of Southeast Europe (eSEE Agenda+).
Centre for Internet development is inviting you to a series of panel discussions throughout January 2010, organized in order to examine strategies and action plans adopted by the government and to identify similarities and differences between the actions and given timelines as well as to identify important topics which require fine-tuning during updating of the existing Development strategy of information society and creation of the new Development strategy of electronic communications during the first half of  2010.

The first meeting will be held on the 15th of January 2010 at O3ONE beginning at noon. The topic of this meeting in support of the development of electronic data and the protection of cultural heritage in the digital age. The second meeting is dealing with the subject of the development of broadband access and liberalization of electronic communications, it will take place on the 20th of January, at midday in the offices of the Telecommunications agency of the Republic of Serbia, Višnjićeva 8, Belgrade.

The third meeting will be dedicated to electronic identities and their application in
e-government, the exact time and place are going to be confirmed at the beginning of January.

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