The Crossroads

Group of photographers
January 18th – 23rd, 2010 > opening at 19h

Three young photographers, Sanja Knežević, Mirjana Ristić-Damjanović, and Marko Risović, will present their work under the title the Crossroads, at O3ONE, from the 18th until the 23rd January 2010. What connects them is Belgrade, an endless source of inspiration to all of them. Through their artistic sensibility and their photographic expression, the authors will present their views of Belgrade as a unique, urban phenomenon.

“We are presenting ourselves as an informal group of authors, connected by the same experience and the same idea. Our background as experienced commercial photographers and reporters brings with it certain knowledge of the city. We are familiar with its structure, its many layers, with public or individual aspects of the city, with visible and invisible layers, with the culture and the subculture. Following up stories, scenes and Belgrade chronicles, we were in a position to notice the phenomenon of the city as a living entity and that collective energy it contains influenced our work and creativity. We became aware of the fact that through our exploration and insight, through photography, we are expressing the deeply engraved experience of the city. A question was posed: what challenging, bright and seductive thing is going on in the phenomenon that is Belgrade, ranging from the overcrowded ecstatic sensations, down to the invisible dramatization energy? What is it in the atmosphere and the spirit of the city that touches the important subjects, situations, life and the nightlife, the structure, and the infrastructure, what is it that influences our expression? What is the chemistry that runs through our poetic expressions and definitions? The answer was found in the many layers of the documentary painted with the reality and imagination alike, in the symbolic and the existent, in the collective and the individual.

So, the idea is what brought us together, the idea that under the flag of Belgrade and its stamp imprinted upon us – a group of young artists, we should exhibit together and thus make interventions. Wishing to promote ourselves and our work, we felt the need to take steps and leave our mark and reflections to the city.”