4of7 Architecture

March 2nd - 10th, 2010 > opening at 19h

The exhibition will present the recent production of the “4of7” architectural studio, Đorđe Stojanović, Vlada Pavlović, and Milutin Cerović, whose approach to modern architecture is close to eclectic research and in equal measure relies upon digital and analog operations. With the introduction of the concept of “viability” in an ecological and organizational sense, the studio is developing an understanding of architecture through the idea of an adaptable spatial organization. Through series of mock-ups, illustrations, and drawings, the exhibition will show the architectural projects which are currently being realized and it will also show the results of the work done with the students from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.

Architectural studio 4of7 was established in 2007, its initial project was to change the purpose of the building „Dunavski Cvet” in Belgrade. During 2008, 4of7 created a modular project for the Paediatric clinic in East Africa, with the spatial configuration which can increase in size and is adaptable according to contextual circumstances. During the same year, studio 4of7 took part in the Architecture Biennial in London with the project ‘Snow City’ particular for its use of topographic formations as an architectural language that opened up space for a reaction between the natural and urban environments.  In their projects 4of7 establishes interest in ecological principles of sustainable development which they apply to actual projects, and by doing so, improving the understanding of the relationship between nature and architecture. At present time, 4of7 is working on the project of collective residence in Beirut developing the solution for customization of mass production of furniture.

Through their work with students from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade which runs parallel to their work on projects, 4of7 are developing ideas of adaptable spatial organizations. The exhibition will present their architectural strategies based on the development of parameter modeling and generative design logic.