“Tattooed room”

Dragan Vojvodić
February 17th - 27th, 2010 > opening and performance at 18h

With his latest project “Tattooed room”, this young generation artist from Novi Sad, in his individual multimedia style, continues to raise issues concerning current social phenomena. 
The project Tattooed Room examines tattooing as an aesthetic medium of which extremist ideologies are apart.  The subjects of analysis, skinhead groups, have turned human skin, its intimacy, sanctity, and sovereignty, into an arena of political discourse and a battlefield where aesthetics and politics clash.

To show how much fascist ideology is attempting to integrate itself into an urban setting, the artist has brought tattoos into a room. The isolated and protected space becomes a stage where everyday comforts and the forces threatening to destroy them live under one roof.

The design, which at first glance is esthetically calming, becomes belligerent, and the hidden function of beauty as death’s final mask becomes apparent as we become aware of the origins and character of the images surrounding us.

In the second part of this project (Tattoo dilemma), the artist transforms the aggressive and threatening statement Skinheads until true depth into Artist until true death using his skin as a medium. Changing the subject of a skinhead declaration into an oath to creativity, the artist contrasts intimate spaces (room and human skin) with the dissemination of fascist ideology into everyday life.

Dragan Vojvodić was born in Kula in 1965 (Vojvodina, Serbia). He commenced his studies at Fine Arts Academy in Sarajevo, and graduated at Fine Arts Academy in Novi Sad, in a class of professor Jovan Rakidžić. He continuously exhibits since 1996. His works are part of numerous collections in the country and abroad (Portugal, Iceland, Finland, Greece, Russia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia). He is a member of SULUV and ULUS.