Marijana Markoska
April 8th - 10th, 2010 > opening at 19h

Exhibition of video works under the title Antigena portrays children interpreting a chosen text taken from the “Antigona”, by Sophocles, set in a digital, 3D environment. Film-sets that belong to their generation are ideal gaming-cyber-spaces which in an artistic sense are a continuation of the familiar, classic patterns. The title Antigena has a multitude of meanings and is, in fact, a word-game that refers to the classical Greek tragedy.

These works also refer to the exponential rise of science, with their title as well as with the digital media used in their creation, seen through the prism of society: from the prehistoric, „selective nurture”, down to molecular biology and genetics. One of the current social consequences of this rise is hyperstimulation of children, as well as their ability to find a way to escape the world, by using those same advances of science.