Milan Janić & O3ONE
April 19th - 22nd, 2010 > opening at 19h

Everyone needs a home… even the homeless. The homeless were always around and always will be, so the project “Home Sweet Home” does not deal with the utopian ideas of solving the issue, rather it concerns itself with the rapport we have towards the issue and the homeless, and towards all of those who can’t relate to a feeling of “home”.
Project HOME SWEET HOME as a design and communication initiative has two main goals:
– to supply the homeless with temporary shelters made of cardboard
– to raise awareness of the general public about the problems faced by the homeless

The project will be presented at O3ONE in a multimedia manner – through photographs, video works, and installations. The starting point was a straightforward identification – to put oneself in the same position, to get to know the situation. So, the initial part of the project consists of video interviews with those who were and those who still are homeless. A large collection of photographs was included in the exhibition, portraits of the homeless from various cities by the international group of authors.

Special cardboard shelters were designed, the benefits of which being that they were made of the recycled standard cardboard boxes. Exhibited installations provoke different reactions. It is common that hardly anyone will pay attention to a homeless person sleeping covered with a cardboard box on some corner of the street. Now, the homeless person has a carefully made cover complete with a view… Video works record segments of each of the installations transmitting the somewhat awkward situations from the locations of those shelters.

In cooperation with O3ONE, the project HOME SWEET HOME moves from the field of visual provocation, it becomes a creative and realistic action undertaken for the benefit of those forgotten by the system and the society. In that sense, the focus was mainly on the children who spend a good part of their childhood placed in children’s homes and shelters, and to whom the funds collected at the exhibition will be donated.