Milan Delčić
April 16th - 17th, 2010 > opening at 19h

At the photo exhibit “Manhattan from Brooklyn by Delch“, there will be presented 9 photos taken by the well-known Serbian musician and dramaturg – Milan Delčić Delča. These photos were taken in autumn 2009, and they show the view of Manhattan by the rainy and cloudy evenings, which represented an interesting atmosphere for the artist to create artwork.

So far, Delča had a great experience in creating music, but this is his first photo exhibit that opens a new chapter in his artistic expression.

Autumn 2009

My first visit to the city of all cities, New York. A few days after my arrival in one of the little shops around 42nd Street, thanks to a very persuasive (old-school New York “I will sell you things you’d never even think of buying” kind of thing) shop-assistant, a little Kodak EasyShare M1033 camera for private digital memories, together with some needed, as well as some quite inessential accessories – became mine. One cloudy evening on my usual route from Brooklyn to Manhattan, I got off the F train at York station and went towards East River. I went through DUMBO (Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and under the Brooklyn Bridge, I saw the perfect milieu for Big Apple photographs – the Fulton Ferry Landing dock. After several pretty much ordinary photos, I switched the landscape mode on, set a camera on its plastic (a piece of equipment I thought I’d never use) stand, underlay a cigarette lighter to get a slightly slanted shooting angle, and pointed my little objective across the river towards Manhattan. No, those were not just photos for my folder of memories anymore.

Since then I spent a few more nights on that spot, photographing. Out of almost fifty shots, I selected these nine, as well as one more, an auto-portrait of sorts – the one on the exhibition leaflet.

That something, the reason why all those photographs are there in front of you – is the moment. Exactly that moment, of this and this October day, or that and that November day, at that exact time, from that exact same spot, from that specific railing post, back then when the skies have been eternally gray and alight by the city lights, exactly then when the light rain was drizzling down – so unrelenting, annoyingly persistent and damp, like no other….

I recognized that moment.
And shared it with you.
All this is Manhattan from Brooklyn, by Delch.
Milan Delčić