Multimedia book of poetry entitled SMS from Serbia

Snežana Milojković
April 14th, 2010 > starting at 19h

The book is dedicated to Olja Ivanjicki. The poems are illustrated with the photographs of twelve women that have made their mark on Serbian sports and culture.
Photographs by: Nebojša Babić

The first collection of poems by Snezana Milojkovic, entitled Nameless Book of Poetry was published independently in 2005. The poems in short form from this book were often used by readers to send messages to their loved ones by mobile phone. This was an inspiration for the author to write a new work entitled SMS from Serbia to offer the readers an idea of how to delight their loved ones, and send to the entire world a message of love and kindness through the portraits of Serbian women to whom these poems are dedicated. This book is illustrated with photographs of twelve women from the world of Serbian sports and culture. The author chose these ladies to illustrate her poems because they are unique, inimitable, strong, fulfilled… They have ennobled this collection with their spirit.

The poems that the photographs illustrate Jelena Janković ‘I am not alone, My solitude is interwoven with you’, Biljana Cincarević ‘I cry and grieve without my folly’, Jasna Šekarić ‘I watch you. In your palm, you hold the pain that smells of me’. The author assumes that writing and reading are profoundly intimate acts that describe the present state of mind with but a few words. Besides these ladies, the poems of the multimedia collation are illustrated with the photographs of Milena Reljin, Merima Njegomir, Marija Savić-Srećković, Ana Stanić, Alisa Marić, Ljiljana Jakšić, Ivana Španović, Danica Marinković, and of course, Olja Ivanjicki.

‘If multidisciplinary is our future, as I perceive it, the combination of photographs and poetry, as well as sports and culture, is especially dear to me’.
Snežana Milojković

Snežana Milojković is a Serbian poet and sports manager. She graduated from the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education of the University of Belgrade and the International Olympic Academy in Athens in 2007. SMS from Serbia is her second book of poetry.