Voyage Bleu / Blue journey

Multimedia competition and workshop for students
April 26th - May 6th, 2010 > every day (12h - 20h)

A multimedia project Voyage Bleu – the blue journey will be held at O3ONE from April 26th until May 6th.

Aiming to promote the spirit of creativity, spontaneity, the power of self and freedom there will be an open competition where those taking part should present their vision of freedom and urban life. If expressions like: Freedom of spirit…non-conformism…the power of self…spontaneity…the joy of living…understanding…accepting of others…flexible views…individual way of looking at life… – sound familiar, if they are the way you live your life – it means that you are ready to join us on the Blue journey – Voyage Bleu! All those interested in taking part should bring their creative works from the fields of fine art, multimedia, graphics and fashion design to the O3ONE Gallery, while the workshops, led by the moderators from the fields which are included in the competition, are on.

The award for the best work shall be equal to the cost of one year of the Serbian university fee, the second and the third place will be awarded the inter-rail ticket for a trip through Europe, three hundred Euros and a laptop computer. Those works which are chosen as the ones which portray best the ideas of urban and freedom will be a part of the final exhibition of the project.