Bauhaus and Belgrade

The influence ideas of the Bauhaus had on Serbian architecture, art and design between the two World wars, are the subject of this lecture. Works by students from the time of the Kingdom of Jugoslavija will be presented, with the emphasis on the interest that Bauhaus generated which is visible on the pages of the avant-garde magazine ‘Zenit’, published at the time in Belgrade and Zagreb. Miško Šuvaković presents the relationship towards Bauhaus that Hungarian avant-garde artists from Vojvodina had during the twenties, the influence Bauhaus had on the great architect Nikola Dobrović and the architecture of Belgrade and Serbia, and on design and visual art after the Second World War. The lecture is in the Serbian language.


Prof. dr Miško Šuvaković was born in 1954 in Belgrade. He got his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1993. He is a professor at the Faculty of Music. He is teaching the theory of art at the interdisciplinary postgraduate studies of the University of Art in Belgrade. He is a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. His published books are: Language scenes (Belgrade, 1989), Pas Tout (Buffalo, 1994), Prolegomena for analytical aesthetics (Novi Sad, 1995), Postmodernism (Belgrade, 1995), Asymmetric other (Novi Sad, 1996), Abstract Art Aesthetic (Beograd, 1998), Glossary of modern and post-modern Fine Art and theory after 1950 (Belgrade and Novi Sad, 1999), Body Paragrammes / figure (Belgrade, 2001), Anatomy of angelov (Ljubljana, 2001), Figure, asceticism in perversion (Koper, 2001), Martek – Fatal figures of artists– Essays about art and culture of the XX century in South-eastern, Eastern and Middle Europe through works of artist Vlada Martek (Zagreb, 2002), Impossible Histories – Historical Avant-gardes, Neo-avant-gardes, and Post-avant-gardes in Yugoslavia, 1918-1991 (CambridgeMass, 2003), Politics of Fine Art (Koper, 2004), Glossary of contemporary Art (Zagreb and Ghent, 2005), Conceptual Aret (Novi Sad, 2007), Epistemology of Art (Beograd, 2008) etc. He worked as a curator of 20 exhibitions from 1978 until the present day. He organized the exhibition Bauhaus 1919-1933 in the SKC gallery in Belgrade 1979.

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