Marija Đurić
May 18th- 29th, 2010 > starting at 20h

Exciting, playful, convincing, provocative, powerful, simple, sensual and liberated – a glamorous exhibition which delivers a refreshing drive force into the artistic milieu – Marija Đurić, Exhibition – „BLOW UP-CARNEVALISATION“.
Following the great success of the exhibition „Carnevalisation of the artistic mind“, Marija Đurić is presenting new, brave and attractive works at O3ONE.

With moral and intellectual right to continue to tackle the subject of carnival further, being that the news we’re bombarded with on a daily basis is ever so bleak, Marija reminds us of  the merry side of life, toying with the Hollywood glamour and the world of fashion, creating gargantuan shoes and opulent four-meter dresses. Theatre and cinema, her ever-lasting inspirations, pop art and urban culture of Belgrade her undying true love…to which she always returns. The critics say that she is an expressive personality who brought back to life the bright culture of the eighties. She chose the conceptual art, because, in her words, this type of artistic expression shows the extent of education and mental ability. Her strong opposition to commercial art and rigid rules of presentation have brought her the affection of the critics and the public alike. With the aesthetic of her mind, Marija strives to open up the doors to a new topic which will wake Serbia up and which will make people think positive.

„Blow up – Karnevalizacija” establishes eccentrically the aesthetic of the beautiful, intertwined with the sensuous, erotic, and conceptual. The energy of the wild combination of colors of the paintings stirs the passion for life (intense blue, shocking pink, sickly green, sunflower yellow, passionate red, black and white of the chessboard…) in a word, it is all about fun. Life is about variety, full of surprises and motion. Stepping out from the routine, playing with fetishes, a heel which depicts the “high-life”, a canvas which emanates the joy of life, the unusual staging at the gallery – are all factors which make this exhibition stand out from others. The idea of this project is to influence the psyche of the lethargic environment we live in, where the Carnevalisation of politics is a perfect theatrical act which forbids all that is new and inventive. By staging the space in the spirit of post-modernism, we leave the boundaries of artistic and turn it into theatrical. Welcome!

Marija Đurić, actress, painter, and set designer,  an accomplished author which unites three artistic expressions: stage, fine art and applied art, dynamic and static, space and time. Born on August 6th, 1977 into an artistic family- her father academic painter Ljubiša Đuric and mother Gordana art historian. She graduated performance arts in the class of professors Nebojša Dugalić and Bora Grigorić, and went on to postgraduate multimedia studies at the Belgrade University of Arts, department for stage design. She lives and works in Belgrade.