Broadcast of lectures by architect Ranko Radović
15 May 2010 (18h - 2h)

Just like previous years, O3ONE is going to take part in the Museum Night event. This year, which is the seventh consecutive year the visitors will have an opportunity to see two programs.  One of the segments is the hommage to the famous architect Ranko Radović, presented with the broadcast of two of his lectures, „Sydney Opera“ and „Park Lavilet“. The lectures will be broadcast from 19h – ooh (19h, 20:15h, 21:30h, 22:45h). 

O3ONE visitors will have an opportunity to get to know the architecture of Bauhaus, presented through photographs by an author Hans Engels. This exhibition, organized within the framework of the Architecture week, shows the passing of time imprinted outside and inside of the buildings of the Bauhaus architecture, the marks left by their constructors and those who lived in them. The photographs present the period that spans from the first experiment during the twenties of the last century, the time of power and repressive politics of the national-socialist party, to the period of the GDR, which nurtured the policy of neglect and ignored this particular architectural style. This exhibition and the book that’s being published alongside it aims to document what was forgotten and enable the public to see the Bauhaus architecture which was for many years overlooked and disregarded not only in East Germany but in West Germany as well.

Exhibition organized by Goethe Institute Belgrade and HOCHTIEF, exhibition sponsor
BINA is organized by BINA® Association of Belgrade Architects & Cultural Centre of Belgrade