April 30th, 2010 > starting at 20h

Within the multimedia project Voyage, Bleu – Blue Travel, which will be held at O3ONE, on Friday, April 30, at 20:00, the Belgrade band Xanax will perform.

The Voyage Bleu Project gathers multimedia artists to promote the spirit of creativity, spontaneity, power of character and freedom. A competition was also held on which participants should give their views of the free spirit. Works in the field of fine art, multimedia, graphics, and fashion design, all interested can present to O3ONE, by May 6th.

On Friday, April 30th, the band Xanax will be presented to the project participants and the O3ONE audience. The band under this name has been in existence since August last year, consisting of a multimedia artist Sana Garić, Vladimir Krakov (ex Pressing), Ninoslav Filipović (ex Eyesburn/Dead Ideas) and Dejan Milojević (Đza ili bu). Recently, Nebojša Mrđenović joined the distorted cello, a member of the Belgrade Philharmonic and a longtime collaborator of the band Pressing, KKN, Darkwood Dub and others.

In addition to performing in O3ONE, Xanax will be able to hear the audience in Kragujevac, SKC, April 28 (19), and in Niš, May 15, Club Feedback 22h.