Young Designers Association Studio (FISE/SYDA)

June 1st - 12th, 2010 > Opening: 19h

The exhibition of works by the Young Designers Association Studio from Hungary (FISE/SYDA) will feature a wide selection of contemporary Hungarian design, consisting of small pieces of furniture, glass, and ceramics.  Modern design in Hungary is in its character quite traditional. It deals with design on quite a theoretical and philosophical level, and it relies mostly on craftsmanship and creating hand-made items. For the past twenty years, a lot of research went into the revival of Hungarian design and its incorporation into the international design scene in entirely new circumstances. Great experience and a large number of young professionals have brought the end to the stagnation and hesitation so that today, Hungarian design is considered to be a major participant at the international design scene, on both the institutional and the practical levels.
SYDA works in the domain of design for more than 27 years.  Its main goal is to give support to young designers at the start of their careers which it does by letting them use the studio’s gallery throughout the year as well as giving them marketing support for organization and promotion of exhibitions. The gallery is situated in the vicinity of the Hungarian Parliament.