Photo exhibition, Hemofarm through Time

June 15th - 22nd, 2010

“Life is a miracle which lessens and gets used up every day, and yet, it lasts”
Ivo Andrić

Photo exhibition “Hemofarm through Time” is a conceptual, unusual multimedia time-travel, seen through the eyes of photographers of different generations. It tells a story of fortitude, victorious spirit and determination to grow, leaving behind a trail of life luster.

The story of Hemofarm is a story about the dedication of its people – to the company and its mission to create a healthier world. Hemofarm is celebrating fifty years of successful growth and development, of its dedication to true values, of building the fabric of life, proud of its successes and realized hopes, always welcoming new challenges… In the year of the Jubilee, half a century of development, Hemofarm is stronger and better than ever.