UPDATE: My own (female) Self

June 24th - July 7th, 2010

Opening: Thursday, June 24th, at 19h

Author and the curator of the exhibition: Suzana Vuksanović

Artists: Ljubica Čvorić & Marina Tomić, Olga Ungar, Zorica Čolić, Ratka Lugumerski, Ksenija Kovačević & Milena Nena Popov, Željka Jović, Maja Rakočević Cvijanov, Ivana Đukić, Monika Sigeti, Jelena B. Kovačević, Dragana Žikić, Jelena Janev.

Works: realized in various art disciplines and media (performance photo-documentation, photography, print, collage, video, installation).

This exhibition is a selection of works from production since the year 2000 to the present day, of female artists in and from Vojvodina. The purpose, plan and the goal of the exhibition are to deal with the presentation and interpretation of the recent art tendencies which in different ways treats the problem of gender stereotypes and works on their reproduction and deconstruction.

The approach of each artist is different in style and philosophically, however, they have one thing in common – they strive to overcome historical and cultural boundaries, predispositions and preconceptions. Their (re)presentations of themselves are founded on creative and (self)aware female subjects.

Through the image of self /self presentation, with elements of autobiographical, quasi-autobiographical, subjective and a symbolic approach and form, the artists participating in the UPDATE: my own (female) self are making critical interventions in various social and cultural environments in which female identities/ /identity of a woman, on one hand, negates, provokes, (miss) treats, and on another, accentuates, points out and glorifies.

Social constructs, deeply rooted in subconscious of a patriarchal society that went through a prolonged and exhausting period of transition touching all levels of life and work, with the instability and insecurity accentuated by this situation, make the position of a woman even more difficult than it would have been otherwise. Selected works, therefore, don’t represent just gender and sexuality they reflect many social and personal traumas, crises and challenges, but also their triumphs, victories, empowerment, and recognition of positive tendencies in their lives… In the given context, (contexts) the attention of the participating artists is directed towards a discussion on the subjects and questions of primarily (female) ethics, but also of (female) aesthetics (intimate, personal, but also social and artistic, ie. a public persona).

* Exhibition is realized in co-production with the Museum of contemporary art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad.