Web service presentation

Friday, June 25th, at 12:00h

Plaskett is free of charge service, for announcing, finding and publicizing interesting events, places, and activities going on in your city. Plaskett users can, alongside putting posts about the events of interest to them, also make plans and easily surf through events in their or any other city. On the other hand, owners and PR managers of the venues and the organizers of events can find Plakatt to be their new way of communication with their public.

Plaskett has another, a social component, a possibility to add and follow contact activities, publishing the figures of attendees of certain events of invitations and also of posting comments, photos and video clips from those events. Unlike other social networks such as Facebook, all information on Plakatt is open to search engines like Google, which is a great advantage in terms of visibility of the events published on the Internet.

Plaskett is a brainchild of two companies, both from Novi Sad:

Rendered Text (http://renderedtext.com/) – Marko Anastasov and Darko Fabijan, and Sprawsm (http://sprawsm.com/) – Petar Perović and Dragan Babić.

Besides the presentation of Plakatt, the visitors will have an opportunity to hear a lecture on the subject of the use of Plakatt and the development of the service through its different stages starting from the initial idea to what it is today. The presentation will be hosted by Dragan Babić and Petar Perović.

The event is also going to mark the beginning of the co-operation between www.plakatt.com and the company www.pepsi.rs.

Whilst we are discussing our online activities, our offline thirst will be quenched by Pepsi non-alcoholic beverages.