Eugen Borkovsky
July 9th - 21st, 2010 > opening at 19h

Eugen Borkovsky is a renowned Croatian artist with a remarkable biography who studied Fine Art in Rijeka and did post-graduate studies in the Theory of Contemporary Art in Slovenia. Besides creating his art, he also works as a curator and a director of the City Gallery in Grožnjan.
With the series of works at WHITE EXHIBITION with which he is going to present himself to the Belgrade public at O3ONE, he continues to research the poetry of space.  The artist is choosing to reduce his expression to the black-white elements, he uses artifacts taken from nature (tree branches), combines them with industrial mesh as a background, thus bringing one ecologically aestheticized element into an associative digitalization. He uses mesh as a two-dimensional space – a “screen”, which displays shadows when lit, where material elements from the front become immaterialized and reduced to a fluid, two-dimensional image! The essence of Eugen’s poetic is situated in the space between, from the three-dimensional branch to the raster shadow. This exhibition presents his refined sensibility and offers manifold possibilities for an engaged viewing.
Besides the works titled Arboreus, the exhibition will also present:

Video work:
Katja Restović: SYNTAX OF RHYTHM, on the subject of dance performance Towards White, Author and performer Jacques Valenta, author of music: Tyler Friedman: THE SAME HILL; Performed in Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, Hr, 2010.

Video work:
LABYRINTH, object/installation Eugen Borkovsky, Dance performance: author and performer Jacques Valenta, Video: Istog George; Performed in Gallery Juraj Klović, Rijeka, 2004.

Video work:
FRAKTALI, Eugen Borkovsky, photographs

Presentation Grožnjan the Town of artists 1965 – 2010 – presentation of a milieu from which the artist is coming and to which he gave a personal touch with his art, as a coordinator of the Gallery Fonticus Grožnjan and as a freelance artist…  Gallery Fonticus presents 18 presentations/solo exhibitions during the year plus three groups, selected, thematically inclined international projects and organizes guests, artists colonies… Grožnjan is the Town of Artists since 1965.

Eugen Borkovsky Vodopivec was born in Opatija. He studied Fine Arts in Rijeka. He is a freelance artist (sculptor and art critic). He is engaged in contemporary art practice, art reviewing, graphic and web design and heraldic. He is a recipient of numerous awards and acclamations. His works are gracing various private and public spaces. Since 1999 he is the curator of the City Gallery Fonticus in Grožnjan. He had more than 60 one-man exhibitions and was a part of over a hundred group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.