Dance Rehearsal Project – SHOOT ME!

Marta Jovanović
July 8th, 2010 > starting at 19h

Streaming of a video performance from Rome, BOSI Artes Gallery
Curator: Jovana Stokić

On Thursday, July 8th, at 19h, at the O3ONE Gallery, streaming of a video performance Shoot me! will be shown, by the artist Marta Jovanovic from gallery BOSI Artes, in Rome.

SHOOT ME is a part of the Dance Rehearsal Project, a multimedia ongoing project since 2008 that so far resulted in a series of exhibitions and performances taking place in Rome, Belgrade, and New York City. It is a performance, but not a performance by the artist, the artist is behind the camera “shooting” the improvised dress rehearsal performed by the volunteers that will be participating in the project by responding to an open call.


The streaming of the performance from Rome is an announcement of a performance of the same name which is going to take place at O3ONE and the best way to invite the participants of the Belgrade performance.

In performance at O3ONE, on July 19th, can participate men and women of all ages, sexes, nationalities, skin colors, backgrounds.

Requirements: You must be a huge character that is outgoing, unique, energetic, opinionated, loud and proud.

More information: 011 3238 789