Born in the Year of 2000

Boris and Mila Stajkovac
October 5th > start at 19h

“A whole decade. Currently one’s life. For example, my daughter’s Mila, born in the year of 2000 in the spring. On the fifth of October, she was at her grandmother’s. She was sleeping, while the angry masses set the National Assembly on fire. She didn’t know anything, neither did we. And in a blink of an eye, ten years passed! Even today, Mila doesn’t know anything about politics, but she knows how to google information, how to download pictures from the Web. She has a beautiful smile, she has a passport, she learns two languages, she is a town’s champion in horseback riding, and she paints. Mila loves Serbia, her friends, dogs… She knows where the National Assembly is, but she likes Kalemegdan more. She knows who our president is, that Kosovo is our territory and she doesn’t like bad music. And above all, she adores Belgrade. Don’t you think that already new generations are walking this town? Don’t you think that something good happened in the past ten years?

I think that we won’t be seeing each other anymore at rallies at town squares. More likely at the market, in the restaurants, at the theater premiers… At the places where life plays the main role and the role of politics is secondary.”

Dr. Boris Stajkovac