The Light

Predrag Popara
October 18th > start 19h

The exhibition of drawings in the oil-ink technique by Predrag Popara will be available for visitors in the O3one Gallery. White light in contrast to the black surface of the drawings has a symbolic name, which is the theme that goes through the whole period of the artist’s exposure. Skillfully combining oil and ink on cardboards gives a specific character to the author’s well-known style. On twenty cardboard the artist one again reveals the light and searches the way to reach out to the ones that can see it.

Predrag Popara is born on November 7th, 1973 in Trebinje, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade 1999 under professors Milan Blanuša and Vujačić Mirski. He is a ULUS member from 2002. He had over fifteen individual exhibitions at home and abroad, and also he participated in group exhibitions.