Instructions for Admission, Project 6

November 23rd - December 4th, 2010 > opening at 19h

A group of young Croatian artists gathered within Project 6, for several years continues to pursue mutual dialog and joint actions. As the point of departure for this project, they used Croatian admission to the European Union, their ensuing negotiations, and strings of measures and directions that need to be fulfilled by both parties for that admission to take place. The authors are interested in that process which is often, and primarily, structured in the form of directions for a state legislature to follow. They are interested in the complexity of a process in which directions play a key role in communication on all levels.

Except for artistic values coming out of their reflections, this project in its entirety carries additional zest coming out of their mutual interaction.

Project 6 was founded in the year 2006 when young Croatian artists started an experiment to inquire about the connections between the theme, media, and individual personalities. Through constant meetings, the authors are discussing and questioning their own opinions, judgments, and attitudes towards art. Each author is expressing himself/herself by referring to the works of another author, thus becoming the subject of someone’s reference as well. The artists of Project 6 are Tea Hatadi, Zdravko Horvat, Igor Juran, Martina Miholic, Maja Rozman, and Karla Suler.