Tanjug: Photographs from the Margin

December 7th - 15th, 2010

The photo archive of the Tanjug News Agency holds about 3.5 million negatives and it is one of the richest photo archives in Europe. Tanjug also inherited archives of its predecessors: Avala News Agency which existed between two World Wars and Press Biro News Agency, which was active before the First World War. Concerning these facts, Tanjug archive holds certain photos that date from the year 1912.

The photo archive of the Tanjug News Agency consists of a large number of photos from the exhibitions, concerts, painter’s studios, photos from diverse religious communities, and all of them are from the fifties.

In the search for the right photos for this exhibition, some very unusual ones were found considering that Yugoslavia was a socialistic country, and especially for the year 1955, when Yugoslav society was far from rejecting socialist realism.

This black and white photography world in the first years of the Yugoslav socialism is still in the shadow of the Stalin’s mustaches, but still, it wasn’t that black and white considering the view of the Tanjug’s photographers. The freedom of the press everyone should gain for themselves.

The photographs that the visitors will be able to see in the O3ONE Gallery aren’t less free than the ones in the American “Playboy” and they are the same in quality. The photographs represent one unusual testimony that there are no commonplaces in carefully observing parts of history.