Lectures at the exhibition “Redesign – Creating a New Brand”

January 26th & 28th, 2011 > 17h

Design of the products and packages as a factor of competitiveness of enterprises, Predrag Radojević, January 26th, 17h

Design of the packages of the food products, Slobodan Jovanović, Coba & associates, January 26th, 18h

“The role of the package for non-commercial products”, Marko Cvetković (Studio Insomnia), January 28th, 17h

A new era brings new challenges, and generally speaking, the package becomes more and more significant as a marketing tool in gigantic companies. The package represents the final message that the buyer will receive before his decision is made. Considering the domestic market, the design of the packages is very traditional, innovations are rare, and imitations of the foreign solutions are common. Imitation as the desired solution in design comes from the high positioned people, and they are not to be seen as a consequence of the designer’s work.

The role of the package as a „silent salesman“ is more appreciated, and more funding is used for ads, and also in design studies where the new packages are developed and the old ones are being enhanced.

The package of the new product on the market should fit the standards and taste of the consumers, and even more – to attract and to conquer at first sight.