“Normal Communication – Memories Are Painless“

STATUS Magazine Photo exhibition
January 17th - 22nd, 2011

One hundred and eighty years passed since photography was invented: sometimes as a mean of self-representation, sometimes just as a copy, but today, photography is above all – a piece of information. In the Renaissance for a prudent man was said that „he has the nose“.  Today, for a well-informed person is said „he has an eye“.

Photography is not merely the expression of reality and its contribution is belittled. The reason is that photographers and photo reporters rarely have the opportunity to publish their work alongside with their intentions. That is why STATUS Magazine opened its pages nine years ago for the good among the best and in a special offprint published their work. This year also, the pages of STATUS Magazine are at disposal to everyone who cares about well-placed photographs. STATUS chose with the help of the jury that consisted of photo editors in the Belgrade media, and the chosen photos will be rewarded and presented to the Belgrade audience in the O3ONE Gallery.